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Zoning Permits and Fees

Specific zoning requirements and zoning permit information are found under the highlighted link to Ordinances. A printable version of the application form for Zoning Permits and Special Land Use Permits is available under the highlighted link to Zoning Permit and Special Land Use Permit Application Form. Copies of the form may also be obtained at the township office. Copies of the Zoning Ordinance are available for purchase at the township office. Questions concerning zoning issues should be referred to the township's Zoning Administrator at 906-635-3058 or 906-440-1380. Our on line form is found under the following highlighted link On -Line Zoning Permit Application Form

Chippewa County has permit requirements for building construction, private water supply systems, and on site sewage disposal systems. These requirements are in addition to Bruce Township zoning permit requirements. Information concerning building permits is available from the County Building Inspector's office at 906-635-6362. Information concerning private water supply and on site sewage disposal systems is available from the County Health Department at 906-635-1566.

Chippewa County has a table of items one needs to begin building available at the following link. www.chippewacountymi.gov/building_dept.htm.

Zoning Ordinance Fee Scedule - November 2005

Permit Fees -

  Zoning Permit
  Zoning Permits for Patios, Decks, and Porches   No Fee
  Special Land Use Permit

Special Meeting Fees -

  Township Board
  Planning Commission

Plan Review Fees -

  Site Plans
  Sketch Plans
No Fee

Other Fees -

  Variance Processing
  Special Land Use Appeals (Township Board)
  Other Appeals (Zoning Board of Appeals)
  Administrative Fee (Work started prior to issuance of permit)
  Purchase Copy of Zoning Ordinance
Permit requirements associated with above described fees found in Bruce Township's Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance No. 01-2004).

Zoning Permit and Special Land Use Permit Application Form (PDF)

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above form and instructions. This is a free download.