Treasurer’s Report – October 2017

by Ruth LaJoie

Summer tax collection is winding down, if you were unable to pay your tax before October, 2017 you can still pay them at the Township Office, until February 28, 2018. You will need to add 1% interest per month, starting with October the interest would be 2%. The next tax statement will be mailed the first week of December 2017. They are due by February 28, 2018 after that date they go to the Chippewa County Treasurer as delinquent.

After that time they are payable at the county office. I have been doing an address update for our township, we have several new names, welcome to all the new residents. Some of our residents have passed, I am always saddened by that loss. Some have to move for various reasons. Our snowbirds will be leaving soon, if you have a home in Florida, I hope there was no damage or at least it was minor

We have had a busy year at the township, an audit, cemetery, etc. in addition to the normal operation. If there should be a power outage this winter, the township hall has a generator so if you need somewhere warm,a place to cook and water, it is available. Always be kind to your neighbors. Here we are back to Fall once again.