Nature in Bruce Township – October 2017

Bruce TownshipNature in Bruce Township

by Karen Allard

This has been an eventful summer as far as critters are concerned. Oddly enough I only have five or six turkeys coming in to eat but that is fine with me. The new additions showed up a couple of weeks ago. Two cock pheasants and one hen. They must have escaped captivity but have made themselves at home here which is great. The large numbers of blackbirds, grackles and starlings appears to be dwindling down. They can sure eat up a bucket of feed fast.

Haven’t seen a hummingbird in about a week but still have two feeders out for the stragglers. Have seen a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks at the feeders recently as well as the red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches. Lots of flickers still around eating up all the ants in the yard. The deer came to dine one night and gobbled up my hosta plants. They were almost finished blooming anyway and hopefully will come back next year. Have had around eight bear in the neighborhood. Saw one sow with twins and another that had triplets.

The DNR folks were here banding the geese and the one guy said to take down the feeders if you don’t want them torn down. I had already had to have one of my shepherd’s hooks straightened from being bent over double by one of the bears. So I took the feeders down and only fed the birds in the morning and also took the hummingbird feeders down every day at dusk. One evening about eight o’clock I went out and took in the feeder out front. About 15 minutes later I glanced up at the front window to see one of the bears looking in the window as if asking “what did you do with the feeder?”

I caught a few more pictures on the trail cam after that but no bears now for about a month. There is a very pretty fox that comes around to check and see if I put anything good out. Sometimes it lucks out but usually the ravens and crows clear up all the scraps in a matter of minutes. Also Mama raccoon has been coming in with her three little ones so I have quite a few pictures of them from the trail cam. The sandhill cranes discovered the corn in the backyard so they are coming in a few times a day and if there is no food they sure get noisy about it.

One thing I did not see much of this summer was fawns. In late June one doe came through the back with twins and turned north to bed down over at the neighbors place. Since then I have not seen any of the fawns. There are a couple does coming in to check for corn though. Happy Fall. Please let me know of any unusual sightings – bird or critter – at (906)635-1486.