Winter Taxes

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The 2019 winter taxes have been mailed out, they are due by Feb.28,2020

If you still owe the summer taxes please call me (906-635-3058 ext. 3)to find out the payoff, as there is interest due, at this time.

They are still paid to the Bruce Township Treasurer.

Assessor’s Report – October 2017

Bruce TownshipAssessor’s Report

by Chris and Howard Ledergerber

Attended Tax Tribunal Hearing in St. Ignace – Rochester Property , 6852 N M123. Judge ruled in favor of appraisal value of $177,000. Rochester requested $160,000 (purchase price) Township requested $204,000. Reviewing recorded documents for sales and transfers.

Set up spreadsheet for sales and ECF (economic condition factor) Studies. Viewed several properties to verify information on tax roll and record cards.

Fire Department – October 2017

Bruce TownshipFire Department

by Tim Andrews, Fire Chief Bruce Township

It’s that time of year again: The Bruce Township Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Pig Roast fundraising dinner. The dinner is October 21, 2017 Zoning Administrator by Mike Pins Fire Department by Tim Andrews, Fire Chief Bruce Township from 12 – 7 pm. Please join us in raising money for our department. There will be good food, good conversation, and prizes. I hope to see you there.

We have had several calls lately: car accidents, ambulance assist, and even a car in the Saint Mary’s river. That was a first for us! There was a call in to for a brush fire but it turned out to be a bonfire. Mark Garlinghouse was made Assistant Chief this past week. Please congratulate him. Besides being the time for our Annual Pig Roast, it is time to clean chimneys before the winter cold sets in. Have a professional come and check your furnaces and prepare for snow. You will never regret being safe and prepared.

Zoning Administrator – October 2017

Bruce TownshipZoning Administrator

by Mike Pins

Permits in the Township for 2017 are currently at 17, three of which were new homes. A majority of the permits issued were for garages and additions. As a friendly reminder, please remove any old or not operable vehicles before winter comes. There is currently two proposed Zoning Ordinance changes on the agenda for the Township Board at the October 2017 meeting. The first reducing the minimum square footage for a residence or camp to 225 from 750.

This proposed change accommodates persons wanting to build “Tiny Houses” or camps and cottages. You would still be required to follow all building codes and get an occupancy permit, but it could reduce the cost by allowing a smaller dwelling. The second proposed ordinance addresses the side setbacks in a platted subdivision.

The side setbacks were missed in the crafting of the current ordinance and would allow for 60% of the 10 foot setback in the current ordinance. This Ordinance Amendment (Number 13) has not yet passed, so watch the Township Website for information on it. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or email me. (906) 635-3058 or

Planning Commission – October 2017

Bruce TownshipPlanning Commission

by Ward Pulfrey, Chairman

We have had many meetings since the last Newsletter, including Public Hearings on the Master Plan updating, proposed amends to the Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance changes. The Planning Commission has approved the definitive versions of each and we are recommending the changes to the Township Board for their review/approval. The Planning Commission approved a definitive version of the Zoning Ordinance regarding side setbacks in noncompliance sites which will bring them into compliance with the back setback as identified in the Zoning Ordinance.

We are also recommending for review/approval, the reduction of the square footage for a home from 750 sq. ft. to 225 sq. ft. to cover the permitting gap between the Chippewa County permitting standards. This change will also allow Tiny Homes in our community. The Chippewa County Standard does not require a permit for structures that are 200 sq. ft. or less. We currently do not have any meetings planned for the near future. So, we are wishing you Happy Holidays and a winter that you enjoy.

Bruce Township Historical Corner – October 2017

Bruce TownshipBruce Township Historical Corner

by Shirley Patrick

It has been an unusual summer but a busy one it seems for everyone. Everyone keeps saying where has the time gone – but really we are all just getting older and slower and time seems to be passing us by more quickly. Guess we had better ‘take the time to smell the ROSES’ as the old saying goes.

I have had very little time to spend at our Bruce Township Library Room this summer but have spent hours here at home working on collecting information on our families when I have the time. This winter I hope to get all the information filed in the family books on the cold days ahead. I had quite a few calls from different states and am working on exchanging information with the people.

I do keep encouraging people to stop by and look at the information we have in our Library Room. Thanks to everyone who has dropped off newspapers for me–I appreciate it very much. Also thanks to all who have given us three-ring binders. We have plenty of them now. It sure saves a lot of money as those binders are very expensive.

If you have any information on families that you would like to share with me I would really appreciate it – for example – old family pictures, death records, birth records, marriage licenses, military papers, clippings from the newspapers of accidents, happenings, marriages, anniversaries, family gatherings, births, stories, awards or interviews with people.

I get some nice interviews from the Cloverland Electric Magazine, War Memorial Hospital -Heartbeat Magazine, and the Mackinac Journal. I keep a copy in the family book. When going through your family pictures be sure to write the names of people and date them if you can.

The pictures are priceless when you know who they are as they are passed on to family members. I myself have a whole closet full of family books that I have worked on for years and have shared so much of my information with family members and cousins that have gotten with me from Ohio, Indiana, Florida, and downstate. They have come to my house and we have spent hours on our books sharing and laughing and getting acquainted. My family are the Romano and Amarose people from Hessel area. My Ed’s family are the Patrick and Jaros family from the Stalwart/Goetzville area.

I have made three-ring binders for each of our siblings and it takes hours of work. There were five in my family and 11 in Ed’s family. For me it is a treasure to be able to pass these books onto the families when I die. In July I lost my brother Vern, whom most everyone around here knew. He was 85 yrs old. When we were at the Italian Cementary in Hessel, MI for his burial I took the time to take the teenage siblings over to the stones of our ancestors. They were amazed and did not know much information about our ancestors. I was able to tell them what I knew and who they were and answer some of their questions. Some of them had never been out to the cementery before and did not even know where their grandparents and great-grandparents where buried. You could tell it was an eye opener to them.

Carolyn Person and I worked on the flowers at the Bruce Township Hall as much as we could. We really need to put more hours into them and maybe next summer we can do that. Thanks to Chester Patrick who spent one day with us trimming the grass around the flower beds and trees. It sure made the flowers stand out so much nicer. Here’s hoping we have a good winter and the snow doesn’t get too high for us.

I was scheduled for Rotary Cuff repair – as I had an accident with our big Weed Whip on Wheels in our barnyard I got a rope caught in the machine, but changed my mind and cancelled the operation. It would tie me up too long. Until our next write up – please keep me in mind and share anything you can with me. My phone number is 906-748-0952, E-mail: I appreciate any help also if anyone has any time to help me file in our books.

Treasurer’s Report – October 2017

Bruce TownshipTreasurer's Report

by Ruth LaJoie

Summer tax collection is winding down, if you were unable to pay your tax before October, 2017 you can still pay them at the Township Office, until February 28, 2018. You will need to add 1% interest per month, starting with October the interest would be 2%. The next tax statement will be mailed the first week of December 2017. They are due by February 28, 2018 after that date they go to the Chippewa County Treasurer as delinquent.

After that time they are payable at the county office. I have been doing an address update for our township, we have several new names, welcome to all the new residents. Some of our residents have passed, I am always saddened by that loss. Some have to move for various reasons. Our snowbirds will be leaving soon, if you have a home in Florida, I hope there was no damage or at least it was minor

We have had a busy year at the township, an audit, cemetery, etc. in addition to the normal operation. If there should be a power outage this winter, the township hall has a generator so if you need somewhere warm,a place to cook and water, it is available. Always be kind to your neighbors. Here we are back to Fall once again.

Bruce Township Supervisor – October 2017

Bruce TownshipBruce Township Supervisor

by Carl Marsh

The township has been busy this summer with many improvements. We took over ownership of the Donaldson Cemetery at M129 and 13 Mile Road. We are doing a complete listing of the graves in the new part; the northwest side of 13 Mile Road. This is a big job.

We will be working on the old part; the southwest side of 13 Mile Road in the future. The parking lot at the township hall was enlarged with gravel to help with parking and snow removal. About four miles of south Scenic Drive from 15 Mile Road south to Conley Point Boat Launch has new blacktop and shoulder gravel.

Due to the high water in the St. Mary’s River we placed rock around the shoreline at Dunbar Park to prevent further erosion. There is a new bridge at the South Branch of the Charlotte River on West 12 Mile Road. It is constructed with pre-casted concrete pieces. UP Pipe in Escanaba and the county workers installed the bridge.

Nature in Bruce Township – October 2017

Bruce TownshipNature in Bruce Township

by Karen Allard

This has been an eventful summer as far as critters are concerned. Oddly enough I only have five or six turkeys coming in to eat but that is fine with me. The new additions showed up a couple of weeks ago. Two cock pheasants and one hen. They must have escaped captivity but have made themselves at home here which is great. The large numbers of blackbirds, grackles and starlings appears to be dwindling down. They can sure eat up a bucket of feed fast.

Haven’t seen a hummingbird in about a week but still have two feeders out for the stragglers. Have seen a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks at the feeders recently as well as the red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches. Lots of flickers still around eating up all the ants in the yard. The deer came to dine one night and gobbled up my hosta plants. They were almost finished blooming anyway and hopefully will come back next year. Have had around eight bear in the neighborhood. Saw one sow with twins and another that had triplets.

The DNR folks were here banding the geese and the one guy said to take down the feeders if you don’t want them torn down. I had already had to have one of my shepherd’s hooks straightened from being bent over double by one of the bears. So I took the feeders down and only fed the birds in the morning and also took the hummingbird feeders down every day at dusk. One evening about eight o’clock I went out and took in the feeder out front. About 15 minutes later I glanced up at the front window to see one of the bears looking in the window as if asking “what did you do with the feeder?”

I caught a few more pictures on the trail cam after that but no bears now for about a month. There is a very pretty fox that comes around to check and see if I put anything good out. Sometimes it lucks out but usually the ravens and crows clear up all the scraps in a matter of minutes. Also Mama raccoon has been coming in with her three little ones so I have quite a few pictures of them from the trail cam. The sandhill cranes discovered the corn in the backyard so they are coming in a few times a day and if there is no food they sure get noisy about it.

One thing I did not see much of this summer was fawns. In late June one doe came through the back with twins and turned north to bed down over at the neighbors place. Since then I have not seen any of the fawns. There are a couple does coming in to check for corn though. Happy Fall. Please let me know of any unusual sightings – bird or critter – at (906)635-1486.

Clerk’s Report – October 2017

Bruce TownshipClerk's Report

Here it is fall already. It seems like summer went by so fast. We have sure had a nice warm fall. I’m trying not to say it has been a little warmer than I like. We had a busy summer with an election in May and August. I’m thankful we don’t have one in November.

This has also been our year to have an audit for April 2016 to March 2017. We spent a lot of time digging out paperwork. The Hall continues to be busy with rentals coming in for 2018. Don’t forget the Firemen’s Pig Roast on October 21.