New Pavilion and Playground Equipment

September 2006


It has been a busy summer again at the township hall for rentals. We had it rented out 35 times since the 1st of May. It is scheduled at least 18 more times this fall.

One of the most important rentals this fall is the Annual Senior Citizens Dinner. Mark your calendar for the 7th of October at 5:30 pm. The Bruce Township Homemakers put on the best meal and entertainment show you will find. If you have missed this event in the past, you really missed something!!! If you can’t make it to the dinner, they will provide take out and delivery by the volunteer fire dept. You may call 635-3058 prior to that date or 635-6004 the day of the dinner.

Thanks to the Parks and Recreation Committee there is an addition to the grounds at the Township Hall. It is our new pavilion and playground at the back of the parking lot. There will be more on this later on in the News Letter.

Our annual spring clean up was a big success again this year. We had 100 plus participants this year. This program has always proven to be well received. We will plan on doing it again next spring for two weekends.

School is starting again already!! We still miss seeing all the township children coming and going to the Bruce Township School. As of this writing, we do not know what is going to happen to the grounds or structures. Maybe this fall we will find something out after the school board meetings.

Keep smiling—it will make people wonder what you’ve been up to.


Awareness and use of the Township website is increasing. The website has links to Township ordinances, permit application forms, hall rental applications, Township Board and Planning Commission minutes, newsletters, and several other subjects of interest to Township residents.

For those of you that may not know that we have the website, the web address is Check it out. Suggestions regarding other types of desirable information are always welcome.


The Planning Commission recently completed and the Township Board adopted an amendment to our Zoning Ordinance. The amendment became necessary as a result of state legislative action to repeal the Township Zoning Act and the two zoning acts that had application to cities and counties. A new Zoning Enabling Act was substituted having application to all political jurisdictions. The new Act made several changes in the provisions having application to townships dictating adjustments to township zoning ordinances statewide. Most of the adjustments were procedural in nature.

Work was also completed on the preliminary version of an update to the Township’s Master Plan. The draft has been submitted to adjacent townships, the County Board of Commissioners, and EUP Regional Planning as required by state law. Upon expiration of the comment period established by the Township Planning Act, the Planning Commission will make any appropriate adjustments and schedule a public hearing to present the draft to Township residents. The comment periods will not expire until late October and we hope to be prepared for a public hearing in November.

The Planning Commission would like to again remind residents that a good Master Plan is an expression of the preferences of Township residents that will serve as a guide for Township officials as development decisions are made. An excellent expression of these preferences was gained from the responses to the community survey that was made available to all residents in early 2005 and the public hearing will provide an additional opportunity for public input. Your participation in the upcoming hearing is encouraged and would be appreciated.


Fall is fast approaching and we can expect to see a slow down in the construction activity for the year. We have seen a sharp decline in requests for zoning permits as have other townships in the area. Permit request to date have dropped from 35 in 2006 as compared to 68 in 2005. It will be interesting to see what 2007 will bring.

We have been working to clean up our township by enforcing our junk car ordinance. Results are visible but progress is slow. Remember, if you have unlicensed on non operable vehicles or parts of vehicles on your premises, they must be removed. Violations will be issued for non compliance. For those who have noticed, the price of scrap metal is high. It’s a good time to clean out your garage and yard. I’m sure all of us enjoy the cleanliness of our township. Let’s try to keep it that way.

With winter approaching it is nearing time to think of winter activities and the sunny south. I hope to see you all come spring.


The purchase agreement and Land Acquisition Agreement for the 9 Mile property has been filed with the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Program. This fund is used to provide funds to purchase these types of property for the plan boat launch. We will have to wait until Dec. 2006 to find out how we make out. Will keep you informed as to the progress. The boat launch proposal has been sent in also, but don’t know if it will be accepted this year, might have to wait until April 2007.

The Township Board has accepted the Park and Recreation Committee’s, Park and Recreation Plan as the official plan for the township. A copy of this can be picked up at the Township Hall or on the web site. Please keep in mind that this is not written in stone. This is just a plan, a guideline that can be changed every year or so to fit our needs and finances.

Work on the Bruce Township Hall Picnic Pavilion and Playground progressed steadily throughout the summer and just a few details remain before the area will be completed. Volunteers met in groups and individually to complete tasks big and small – from actual building construction to providing picnic food for volunteers. Members of the community have already used the area for weddings and parties. I believe a certain little girl by the name of Morgan celebrated her fourth birthday party there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Morgan.

The pavilion includes picnic tables, benches, and BBQ grills. The playground area has donated slides and swings that formerly belonged to Bruce Township Elementary. The playground also has a sandbox and small basketball court.

The project will be complete this fall with the addition of a few more pieces of playground equipment, basketball nets, and more wood chips. The next work date is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 16 at 9:00 a.m. Help is needed in all areas including digging holes, spreading wood chips, and making side dishes for the work party picnic. The outpouring of volunteers form our community has been tremendous! Any one wishing to volunteer with the final phase of this summer’s plans can contact Parks and Recreation Committee members Marcy Misner (632-7723), Kathryn Jennings (647-9755), or the township hall.

Remember, this park and playground belong to all the residents of the township and we hope all will take care of it, like it is their own. When you do use the park, please clean up after yourself so that we have a CLEAN, SAFE AND GOOD LOOKING PARK.


Do you have your new reflective address markers posted? We have 124 out in the township at this time. We need to get a lot more out there. If you have yours already, please call your neighbor or relative and make sure they get theirs in place. This is a very important part of your addressing system so emergency services can locate you when you need it most. The markers are blue in color and are reflective as well as the numbers. It includes the steel post, the nuts and bolts. If you need to have it installed, we will do that as well. See the enclosed request form and mail it back to the township and we will process it for you.

We received a grant from the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians, $19,882.00 for the purchase of a tanker truck. We thank them very much for these funds. They helped us purchase our pumper truck last year. With the funds that were provided, we picked up a 2000 GALLON truck that will replace OLD YELLOW. Now we don’t have to weld it back together when they return from a fire before they put water in it.

It’s that time of the year again when our Fire Department puts on their Annual Pig Roast, so mark your calendars for Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006! It will be held at the Bruce Township Hall, rain or shine.

Unfortunately we had a couple of structure fires, and a few car fires, but no grass fire calls so the Fire Department got off easy this year.



"As you might have heard, the Chippewa County Road Commission has been on the radio and has made public appearances to help promote the renewal of the current 1 mil for 5 years. This is important to the CCRC as well as the township. They maintain approximately 1,300 miles of road. We the township and the CCRC are getting less and less state and federal funding so this millage is very important to all of us."

The above statement was from the January News Letter… It is very true and as you might know or not, it did get approved. This past Primary election, the same request for the township roads and additional millage was on the ballot and they both were approved. This was a huge success for the township. This will mean that we can go forward on getting some road work scheduled in the coming years. With out this millage approval we would have been hard pressed in getting any work done on our roads on a yearly basis. Thanks to all who voted for this millage.

The only project we had this year was one in partnership with Soo Twp. Six mile road, east of Riverside Drive was lifted and paved. Also in the same contract Six Mile east of Nicolet to Scenic was re-surfaced in the same contract.


Fall is in the air and again time to start inspecting new construction for this year and any from last year that was not completed. All increases in assessments from new construction in 2006 will be reflected in your 2007 change in assessment notices.

For the last while we have been looking at agriculture classed properties that have grown over or are not being used for any agriculture purposes. These properties found not being used any more for agriculture will be changed to the residential class.

If anyone has other properties they feel should be classified differently, can call the assessor and request a change. Any change in classification for any class has to be made at the March Board of Review.

If you have built or moved into the township as a resident, make sure you have filed the Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit Form, either with the assessor or at the township office. The forms are available at the office.

Any question on assessments or related matters can be directed to the township assessor Ken Brown at 632-6584.


We have a new Auto Mark Voting Machine for the sight and hearing impaired. We used it in the Primary Election and it seemed to work quite well.

The Primary Election was held on August 8, 2006. Bruce Township has 1416 registered voters with only 214 people voting in the primary.

The General Election will be November 7, 2006. If anyone would like an absent voter ballot, please contact me at 635-3058.


The last day to pay summer taxes without interest is September 14, 2006, therefore after that date there is a 1% per month interest charged starting with September 15, 2006. You will still pay them at the township office until February 28, 2007, so be sure to include the interest with your payment.

The winter tax bill will have the 1.5 road milleage that was voted in at the primary election. The winter tax statements will be mailed the first week in December, 2006 and due by February 28, 2007.

We want to travel to the moon, but we don’t visit the lonely soul next door.

Dan Gallagher

Bruce Township Supervisor