December 2006


It is hard to believe that the summer and fall have passed us by so fast once again. As of this writing we are having a little spring weather with the rain. It will help to take away some of the early snow. It is very unusual for this area to have no snow at Christmas.

The annual Senior Citizen Dinner was another all time WINNER. The Rosedale Homemakers & family members put on another special meal. There were a total of 176 meals served, and the food was excellent. Every one enjoyed the evening out and the play and music that followed, it was a nice way to round out the evening. I think the music that was provided will be back next year. A lot of thanks and appreciation goes out to the Homemakers for the time and effort that goes into putting this great evening on. There were a total of 237 hours spent on putting on this production for the enjoyment of our Senior Citizens and a BIG THANK YOU goes out to all who helped. I know we all look forward to next year’s event.

We still have no word on the Bruce Township School and what they plan to do with it. We did get all of the playground equipment moved over to the township property and most of it is set up for use, more about the park later on…

Abe Lake, who was on our township board of appeals and then on the township board for a total of 28 years service to Bruce Township, passed away on December 18, 2006. Abe will be greatly missed.


Several improvements have been made to the Township’s website that can be found at The Property Taxes page now includes a property tax estimator, the Homestead Exemption Affidavit Form including instructions, and a link to a website where a free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a necessary to enable the viewing of PDF files and is a very useful tool for the internet users. On the Ordinances page, a direct link to the Zoning Ordinance Table of Contents and direct links from the Table of Contents to each Article in the Ordinance are available. On both the Township Board and Planning Commission pages, Archive links are available to current and past meeting minutes. The minutes archives are, however, still a work in progress and some recent minutes are not yet included. Use of the website is increasing monthly. The "hit counter" at the bottom of the home page indicated on December 15th that there have been 1,492 visits to the site since the counter was added this past spring. Suggestions for future improvements are always welcomed.


The Planning Commission has completed work on the final draft of the Master Plan. This draft will be presented at a public hearing at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 16th. The draft was circulated for comment to the County Board of Commissioners, the Eastern UP Regional Planning and Development Commission, and to the townships that have common borders with Bruce Township. Two responses were received. The County Board responded that the draft Master Plan was well written and shows a positive outlook for the Township. EUP Regional Planning suggested one change regarding future land use that has been incorporated in the final draft.

Any necessary final editing should be completed by early February and adoption of the completed document should follow shortly thereafter. Upon adoption, the Master Plan will be available as a development guide for Township officials.


As of November, we had 18 permits fewer than last year at that time. It was a slow start in the construction trade this year. Mike Schmidt, our zoning administrator, has left us for Florida again. Again we want to thank him for another fine job of keeping the township zoning laws enforced and tabs on all the permitting process. If you plan on doing any construction, re-modeling or starting up a business, you must contact the hall to see if what you are planning to do requires a permit. We had the unfortunate duty of issuing STOP WORK ORDERS until the proper permits were taken out with the township as well as the county. Check with your contractor before you start to see that he has all the permits, this could cost someone extra $$$$$$ and time.


The purchase agreement and Land Acquisition Agreement for the 9 Mile property has been filed with the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Program. This fund is used to provide funds to purchase these types of property for the plan boat launch. We will have to wait until Dec 2006 to find out how we make out. Will keep you informed as to the progress. The boat launch proposal has been sent in also, but don’t know if it will be accepted this year, might have to wait until April 2007.

The above statement was from last Sept. news letter and we still don’t know any more now than we did then. We will keep you posted on any news.

With this year’s parks and recreation projects wrapped up, the volunteer committee met one night recently to discuss all that was accomplished this year, and goals for 2007. This summer local builders, masons and more than 40 volunteers constructed the pavilion, basketball court, and put up the playground equipment. To make the work more fun, we on the parks and recreation committee, along with many other volunteers, hosted barbecues after the work parties. Even though many of the volunteers didn’t know each other at the beginning of the days, there was a lot of camaraderie that made the days fun and rewarding.

The National Guard’s heavy equipment section of the 1437th Multi-Role Bridge Company (MRBC) spent a week of annual training at the pavilion area in October. These 20 soldiers were busy hauling in over 150 loads of donated sand fill, from Payne & Dolyn and the Chippewa County Road Commission, The military heavy equipment operators loaded, leveled and graded fill dirt to more than double the playground area and expanded the Fire Department service driveway and parking area.

We discussed goals for 2007. Possible projects include a soccer field, getting a site survey done, putting in a fishing pond and adding more wood chips to the playground area. We are also considering projects for Dunbar Park such as putting in fire rings and improving nature trails. It’s important to remember this all depends on funding and volunteer efforts.

We volunteers on the township parks and recreation committee would like to take this time to invite anyone else who might be interested in volunteering one evening a month with the committee. If you have even one idea, call or write one of us. It is possible to get some dreams fulfilled if you have one for our community. We also have lots of part-time volunteers who, in addition to other things, make food for the volunteers working on the playground and pavilion.

We would like to consider organizing some activities for the seniors, teens, kids, moms, gardeners, or any other group… depending on what kind of enthusiasm we hear from you all, but we do need help to carry these plans out.

The volunteers on the committee are Dave Norman, Jeff Monck, Brian Peppler, Kathy Jennings and Marcy Misner. For more information, call any of the team, or Kathy Jennings at 647-9755 or Marcy Misner at 632-7723, or email Marcy at

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to ALL the people and organizations that made this park project what it is today.


NEW REFLECTIVE ADDRESS MARKERS !!!!! DO YOU HAVE YOURS POSTED??? We have 226 out in the township at this time. We need to get a lot more out and posted. If you have one, please call your neighbor or relative and make sure they get theirs posted. This is a very important part of your addressing system, so emergency services can locate you when you need it most. The markers are Blue in color and are reflective as well as the numbers. It includes the steel post, the nuts and bolts. If you need to have it installed, we will do that as well. THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT……Just call the hall and we will make one up for you.

The Annual Firemen’s Pig Roast served up 295 dinners this year. This event along with the Senior Citizen Dinner, are getting to be two events that people keep in mind and return year after year. Thank You to all the volunteer firemen that worked in putting this meal on. A SPECIAL big THANK YOU to the Mitchell Girls (maiden name) and their family’s for the actual peeling of potatoes, by hand, and every thing else that makes this meal so successful. It was especially hard for them this year as that was the week that their grandfather/dad passed away. Again, THANK YOU.

Our fire department fire truck was in the annual Sault Ste. Marie Christmas Parade this year and WON "1ST PRIZE" for best decorated vehicle. Good job by the guys that took the time to decorate and present our new truck to the public.

There is a fire training session going on at this time and we have 5 more people volunteering their time and services to the community



We will be looking at the road work for this coming year after we review our budget, and we know how much money we will have to work with.

Scenic Dr. from 13 to 15 mile is still on the Federal Aid Program, for paving in 2007.



The year is slowly drawing to a close and with TAX DAY BEING Dec. 31st, we have been busy looking at new construction and any construction that needed to be finished up from last year. Anything on the property on Dec. 31st is taxable for 2007 tax year.

The assessment change notices will be going out sometime in late February or early March with the Board of Review being held around March 12th and 13th. There will more than likely be some changes in the land values as a study of sales have indicated a rise in the land values.

Any question on assessments or related matters can be directed to the township assessor Ken Brown at 632-6584.



This has been a busy fall. We had 865 people vote in the General Election in November. There were 173 people who voted absent voter ballot. There was a recount for County Commission District 4 with the results remaining the same.

The calendar is filling up fast for the 2007 Township Hall rentals. If you wish to rent the hall this coming year, please call the clerk as soon as you can to save your date…


Everyone should have your winter tax bills; there is a small increase in the road millage that is the only change. Your payments may be made at the township office on M-W-F until February 28, 2007. The summer taxes are still paid at the township office with 1% interest per month starting with Sept.2006. All payments are paid at the county treasurer’s office after February 28, 2007.

.Dan Gallagher

Bruce Township Supervisor