Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals is an appointed three member board. Appointments are made by the Township Board. One member is a member of the Planning Commission, one member may be a member of the Township Board, and one member is a Public Member. A second Public Member is appointed if the Township Board elects not to appoint a Township Board member. The Township Board may also appoint an Alternate Member to serve during the absence of a regular member or if a regular member declares a conflict of interest. The terms of Township Board and Planning Commission apointees coincide with their terms on their respective boards. Public and Alternate members are appointed for terms of three years.

The Zoning board of Appeals hears appeals relating to interpretations of the zoning ordinance provisions and appeals relating to zoning district boundaries. It also has review and approval authority for all requested zoning variances (exceptions to the requirements of the zoning ordinance).

Current Members

  • Ward Pulfrey
  • Carolyn Person
  • Jeremy Mclean


Meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals are scheduled as necessary at the call of the Chair. Most meetings are conducted as public hearings and meeting dates, times, and locations are published in the Sault Ste. Marie Evening News. Dates and times of special meetings not conducted as public hearings are posted on the exterior bulletin board at the township hall and on the Special Meetings and Public Hearings page of this website.